Friday, November 8, 2019

Should You Get Solar Panels?

should you get solar panels on your house?
what are the pros what are the cons?

 I'm gonna talk about it and explain it all to you guys right now but I gotta tell it mainly comes down to the cost whether or not the solar panels are
going to be able to save you some money versus your electricity bill in the long haul now there are a couple of other things first of course if you know if you love the environment or if you want to contribute to the environment protection this is a great way to
generate green energy not just for your house but also for the electric cars that hopefully you drive that way you're
100% green and of course you know there is aesthetic so are you gonna really like or hate the way the solar panels

look on your roof is it going to maybe devalue the the value of the house probably not but still this is something that a lot of people are avoiding about now the reason I'm doing this report right here on this location is because the house behind me this very unique house is one of the first houses to get the Tesla solar roof which is basically this room behind me is the solar panels built into the roof and this house is getting the green energy right now from the Sun it's very unique and I've did a separate report actually a couple of them so check it out on my channel as I'm in fact if this is your first time here on my channel go ahead and click on the subscribe button if you want to stay up to date on everything is going on in the world of electric cars and the green energy alright so I'm gonna break down the cost part of this which is going to be part of your decision really the main part of this of your decision coming up next

Let's first just  understand what the pieces are here right the solar panels something that you install on your roof will generate electricity out of the Sun that they're gonna be gathering in the Sun comes up pretty much every day where I live I don't know if it's different where you live but

it's pretty much guaranteed free energy that is being converted to electricity now that electricity can be used right away in your home if you're running air conditioning and so forth and then when the you know Sun Goes Away there's not much electricity of course being generated then you start using your grid but of course a lot of times rates are lower at night so overall your bill gets lowered by 30 40 50 percent even more than that right or there's a second sort of scenario is where you don't just use

that energy up right away you have it stored in your home battery that's right your battery will have a home just like

your iPod or your cell phone or your car and that's where you store the energy so even at night when the Sun is not

shining the energy that is stored during the day will be used and you don't have to really get it from the grid and pay electricity bills to your local utility company now if you're generating too much meaning you can't use it all a lot of times in many states here in United States you can actually sell at energy back to your utility company because they are required a lot of states here

in the United States and
Canada they require the utility companies to generate so much percentage of their total generated energy from green sources and you're essentially helping them and they will pay you for it so

basically, you can get the solar panels that I will power your home at the time when Sun is being generated to the

energy or you can store it in the battery and then use it

you see please all right now let's talk about the cost, and this is where you know it really varies and this is kind

of like buying a house or a car you can't just say yes or no, and this is how much it's going to cost because it's going to depend on how big your house is right how much energy you need to generate are you just there you know

only in the evenings and you don't run air conditioning during the day do you have electric cars that you have to

charge because that sometimes doubles or triples the amount of electricity you use because cars use a lot of electricity when they need to be recharged overnight, so you need to figure out how much energy you use and
you need every day, and that's going to dictate how many solar panelists how much electricity you need to generate

with your solar panels but in again do you live in the sunny areas like in California or in the areas where it's not you know it's cloudy and rainy where it's much harder to generate the energy so you might need more solar panels also it depends on where your house is located and what kind of configuration your roof has does it have a lot of

access to the Sun or it's somewhere in the shade under the tree, and it's not pointing into the Sun a lot of times during the day all of this matters and a lot of you know and a lot of pricing how much you're going to spend

on this is going to depend on that and of course, please make sure to contact your local or solar installation companies you know try to contacting

small ones and big ones they'll give you different pricing, but they will also come out and do an estimation of how much energy you need and how much energy your house can gather there are some calculators online that is you can utilize it, but even then it's very very generic it's only not until they

going to come out and do full analysis when you're going to know now on top of that, a lot of it is also up to you right for example do you want to buy an installation and pay for it upfront do you want to finance it or sometimes do you want to lease it that's a big decision that you have to make and even if your financing is you can do it using your home as collateral, so it's going to be more like a home equity line that has a lower interest rate what do you want to put on your credit card with a much higher interest right that's a
personal decision our situation that you have to think about it when you're going to be making those also in a lot of states, there is a the rebate and a lot of countries are federal rebates like right now in the The United States you can claim 30% of the installation towards your income tax and therefore you can get a rebate that way much like we're doing here with electric

cars as well there are rebates in each state and sometimes even a city you know I'm moving to Sacramento and I know they have their own excellent incentives for that so you've got to check up on that but most importantly you need to know what the rates of electricity are in your area right you don't know-how much money you're going to save and therefore if it's going to be worth buying this system if you don't know what the rates are and a lot of times he first you know maybe 80% of your energy costs you specific rates so so many kilowatt kilowatts are costing you so much but then once you're starting using more the next sort of level of electricity because you're now using kind of maybe above average is going to cost you more and more and more so if you're thinking about buying an electric a car you can put yourself in a really high bracket with that because you're using a lot of electricity and therefore your bill can go to three-four hundred dollars sometimes and therefore you know installing a solar panel installation may make a lot of sense because they can save you a lot of money but just like I said if you don't have any electric cars if you're not home during the day much nd your electric bill is fifty bucks let me not be worth it to you depending on installation, you're going to get right because once again there's different quality of solar panels and installations there are different pricing there are sales you know the pricing goes down as the technology progresses just like with your cell phones and other technologies, so you got to figure out is their sale is there a new technology a type of a panel that's coming up so all of this you kind of have a figure out and just like when you're buying a cell phone or a car

you're going to you're going to you're going to
you're going to find out what the best deal

is for you you want to make sure that you put all those pieces together
and I understand, but it's all about what is your electric bill is right now what is going to be let's say if you purchase an electric car the next year or two and then how much money you're going to spend on your installation you know an average installation is about $25,000 minus the rebates but again it depends on the size your house so a lot of time you can finance this, and then you find out you know if you used to pay $200 for your electric bill and now it's only fifty and you're paying $100 a month you know you're paying off your loan well you save yourself fifty bucks

that's pretty cool it raises

the price of your house because once you pay it off the house is going to cost

more and by then the solar panel these panels are just going to be a

must-have we also don't know what's going to be going on with electricity right the electricity prices can go up and therefore you know that the value of your home with solar panels will of course go up as well but at the same

time who knows electricity might go down and then, therefore, your investment

may not be as valuable as you might have thought, so you're gambling

it but a lot of this is relatively easy reasonably to predict in the next three

to five years so I know that maybe you're saying well this guy's not giving

me the correct numbers or right numbers and I want to know yes or no and I just got my job really with this video was to give you the pieces so
you understand what this is consists of and whether or not it's worth it for you and by the way, you know I talked about the batteries you know they cost some money as well you know tesla powerwall say they're about five thousand dollars apiece you may need one two or three depending on how much energy you want to store but you have to go figure out you know if you're gonna spend an extra ten thousand dollars on the home batteries well is it worth it because those batteries will be feeding your home at night but if you weren't really gonna use the energy at night like you don't have an electric car to charge you're not using air conditioning or heater then you're storing an energy you're not gonna use anyway therefore you're obviously going to lose money on this so

this is very specific to you guys if you have questions go ahead and put them in

a comment section I will try to answer them you know make sure to give me as

much information about your situation but just like I said just like with

buying a car just like whether buying a home as long as you understand all the

moving pieces you're really the best person to decide all right guys I'm

gonna go ahead and look for your comments in the comment section if there

are some common questions I might make another video just to maybe talk about those particular topics you were interested in other than that I really

hope you guys go for it if it makes sense for you because of course I've won

the world to get as green as possible with every year I hope you will your next car if not already is an electric car as well all right this is it for me for now see you guys next time and remember to stay charged!

And here’s the picture for small panels with more limited use cases. These are the ones you’ll use on your RV/boat, industrial worksites, and other remote applications.

Solar System Costs in 2019 (Grid-Tied)

Panels only represent about half of the total cost of your system. Other parts like inverters and racking also contribute a significant piece of the pie.
Let’s look at prices for complete grid-tie system packages. This chart shows the costs to buy all of the equipment for your system, but it doesn’t include costs like shipping or installation. (We’ll look at the total installed costs later in this article.)
The prices in this table come from real grid-tied systems featured on our site (prices current as of 11/7/18).
Not sure what size system you need? Grab a copy of your electric bill and look for your kilowatt hour (kWh) usage. Then input that info into our solar cost calculator, which will tell you what size system you need to cover your monthly usage.


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